iFathom Corporation | Technical Writer


Ottawa, ON

Job Description:

iFathom has been providing custom application design and development work, system integration, and quality IT Professional Services to government and private sector clients for more than 15 years. iFathom holds contracts with various government departments for IT Professional Services in different categories for specific ongoing IT projects.  These contracts are often administered through the issuance of Task Authorizations over the course of the project.  The different resource categories that are required in the different development phases of the project are called up via these Task Authorizations at the appropriate stage of the project.  In this case, our client has identified Technical Writer as one of these categories. Qualified candidates who apply for this position will be contacted when taskings for this position come up, as and when required by our client.  CVs will be kept in our database for this purpose for twelve months.


Candidates must have at minimum a Reliability Status Security Clearance from CIISD. 


  • 7+ years of experience designing, developing and creating help text, user manuals, technical documentation or web page content;
  • Experience developing project specific user documentation including manuals, user guides and on-line help for two or more IT projects valued at $250K or more; and
  • Experience developing project specific user documentation including manuals, user guides and on-line help for one or more IT projects valued at $500K or more.


Duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Prepare work plans, schedules and progress reports;
  • Develop documents for help text, user manuals, technical documentation, standard operating procedures, and web page content;
  • Determine documentation requirements and makes plans for meeting them;
  • Gather information concerning the features and functions provided by the subject matter experts;
  • Assess the audience for the documents or manuals, which are required and prepare a statement of purpose and scope for each;
  • Develop a table of content for each document or manual and write or edit the required content;
  • Investigate the accuracy of the information collected by making direct use of the material being documented;
  • Prepare or coordinate the preparation of any required illustrations and diagrams; and
  • Use word-processing, desk-top publishing and graphics software packages to design the layout of the documents or manuals and to produce final versions.

Contact Info

Please send your resume to jobs@ifathom.ca and type Technical Writer jobID #251 in the subject line. Qualified candidates will be contacted for interview. No phone calls please.


Technical Writer