iFathom Corporation | Tester (Level 1, 2, 3)


Ottawa, ON

Job Description:

iFathom has been providing custom application design and development work, system integration, and quality IT Professional Services to government and private sector clients for more than 15 years. iFathomholds a number of Supply Arrangements (SA) and Standing Offers (SO) with various government departments for IT Professional Services in different categories, as well as some government wide SAs and SOs. These represent our clients' projected and ongoing specific IT Professional Services requirements. Our clients have identified Tester as one of these categories. Qualified candidates who apply for this position will be contacted when contracts for this position come up, as and when required by our client.  CVs will be kept in our database for this purpose for six months.   

Candidates must, generally, have at minimum a Reliability Status Security Clearance from CIISD. 


Tester Experience Levels

Level 1: <5 years of experience
Level 2: 5<10 years of experience
Level 3: 10+ years of experience 

Education and certification requirements vary with individual requirements.


Duties may include but are not limited to: 

  • Test planning and coordination;
  • Supervision of testing in accordance with the plan;
  • Management and monitoring of test plans for all levels of testing;
  • Management of walkthroughs and reviews related to testing and implementation readiness;
  • Status reporting;
  • Development of test scenarios and test scripts;
  • Establishing and maintaining source and object code libraries for a multi-platform, multi-operating system environment;
  • Establishing software testing procedures for unit test, integration testing and regression testing with emphasis on automating the testing procedures;
  • Establishing and operating "interoperability" testing procedures to ensure that the interaction and co-existence of various software elements, which are proposed to be distributed on the common infrastructure, conform to appropriate departmental standards (e.g. For performance, compatibility, etc.) and have no unforseen detrimental effects on the shared infrastructure; and 
  • Establishing a validation and verification capability which assumes functional and performance compliance.

Contact Info

Please send your resume to jobs@ifathom.ca and type Tester (Level 1, 2, 3) jobID #237 in the subject line. Qualified candidates will be contacted for interview. No phone calls please.


Tester (Level 1, 2, 3)